Folks, I really thought I would have to time to write something longer today but as you can well imagine it has been madness.Tomorrow I will write you all a tale of the last six years and what may lie ahead. Tomorrow, also, I will be on Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast to discuss this situation. Tony Brandon will also be on giving his reasons for this situation. Thank you all so much for your outpouring of support. Just a thought for tonight. This is not about Marc Steiner but really about the future of public radio. I am merely a public image of much deeper issue.Talk to you all tomorrow.Thanks


Links to some of the coverage:

2/2 Baltimore Sun “Public Radio Station cancels Steiner Show”

2/4 Baltimore Sun “Marc Steiner ponders what’s next”

2/4 Baltimore Examiner “Politics, personality silence Steiner”

2/4 Baltimoresun.com “Random Rodricks: Marc Steiner”

2/2 Baltimore City Paper “WYPR drops Marc Steiner”


15 Responses

  1. Marc,
    We love you and what you did for all those years.
    But I’m sure I speak for most of us that we are appalled at the way it all went down. It just isn’t the station we thought it was.
    We believe in public radio and always thought is was
    W MY PR. We are saddened that this is so obviously not true.
    It is as if they moved you out in a Mayflower moving van in the middle of the night.(Not that Tony or Barbara get that reference)
    Keep us posted.

  2. It’s partly about the future of public radio, but it’s also about you because you represent a possible future, and the absence of you represents another possible future.

    Any Steiner listener knows how varied your programs have been. Any Steiner listener knows how good an interviewer you are, and these things are good, but the irreplaceable thing about your concept is that you tackle really big issues, topics you know very well you can’t possible cover well in one hour. You do the best you and your panelists can do in one program, but we can count on you to come back three weeks later or a month later and fill in another part of the discussion. I appreciate the individual programs, but what really matters is the way you have kept after things over the longer term. This is the reason I have learned so much from you.

    Maryland Mornings is nice, the Signal is nice, I have no idea what ratings these programs have. Nice as they are, they don’t make a difference the way the Steiner Show did, and will do again. They don’t matter as much, and I’d put that in all capitals, except that readers would think I was screaming. And they can’t matter in that way, because that is not their goal, and it isn’t their job.

    So, yeah, this is about the future of public radio.

    What’s your point?

  3. Marc,
    We do indeed realize that this is about public radio, but since you have been the embodiment of public radio in Baltimore for so long, it’s hard not to feel great hurt for you as a result of the low-class way this outfit seems to conduct its business.
    Taking some time to travel sounds like a great Rx. Have a blast – you deserve it.

  4. Marc:

    Unbelievable that the lemon heads pulling the strings released you. Are they truly out of their minds…AH…yes. Well, in very short order they will realize what a foolish ego filled sensless decision they’ve made.

    Best wishes to you!

  5. About 20 of us were in front of WYPR from 12-1pm – as we will be each day this week at the same time – protesting Marc’s firing. The Sun and The Examiner covered us.

    We are asking that people do three things: demand Marc be re-hired back in his same time slot, stop contributions to WYPR until Marc is re-hired and demand that Tony Brandon be fired. Please join us. This is the time to show what Marc Steiner means to all of us. This is the time to make WYPR’s management live up to what’s on the front of the building – “YOUR NPR News Station.” It doesn’t say “the Board of Director’s NPR News Station, not does it say “Tony Brandon’s NPR News Station.

    This is not just the obvious ideological/political differences with station management/ Tony Brandon, it’s the corporatization of media and the increasing corporatization of NPR. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was almost destroyed in a right-wing coup a couple of years ago, but it is not the same as it once was and the neo-cons have been after the CPB and NPR for years. There are many powerful conservative groups who will not rest until they have completely taken over NPR to represent their interests, leaving we the ordinary people out in the cold. What happened to Marc is that coming home to roost at WYPR. Tony Brandon and the Board do NOT own WYPR – the community owns it. And the community demands that Mac Steiner be re-hired.

    Please join us every day this week in front of WYPR at 2216 N. Charles St. – from 12-1pm.

  6. I essentially grew up listening to you, Marc! You are the embodiment of Free Speech… thanks for all you’ve done for the citizens of this state…

    WYPR won’t get another $ from our family!

  7. Marc,
    My profound feelings for you and Val. Hang in there, Such a waste! Such a possibly fatal blunder Brandon and the board made. Don’t know if I still want to volunteer at WYPR.
    I still remember 2 years ago the day I after I lost my job and walked Freckles in a sour mood mid day and met you walking Charlie at WP. You sensed my feelings and let me talk about it. Best, you gave me confidence I could find a job soon. Got a job by end of the week!
    Well, the whole world’s open to you now; you’ll have a hard time choosing offers. You can easily be a Ted Koppel or Mike Wallace, even better.
    Do take time off & travel…you’ve earned it.
    I will definitely listen to you tomorrow..be strong!
    Hope to see you some time.

  8. Thanks for everything, Marc. I’m sorry things went down this way. I started listening to you shortly after the 2000 election. I listened to you just about every day from November 2000 until leaving my work-from-home job to attend the University of Baltimore school of law (which has me in class from 12-2 most days) about a year and a half ago. I was even a “dollar a day” member at one point, until I could no longer fit it into the budget. I’ve kept up with the show via podcasts since then. I’ve learned so much about Baltimore and Maryland in general since I began listening. I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for informing me about what is going on in the community in a way that no other media outlet really does. Most outlets cover Annapolis or City Hall, but you covered the people. Perhaps I am cynical, but I doubt your replacement will be able to that half as well.

    Here’s hoping you find yourself behind a microphone soon. I’ve already sent an e-mail to another public radio station here in town, 89.7 WTMD at Towson University, urging them to alter their all-music format to offer you a show. I think it would be great for the community to have you back on the air, a great opportunity for the University to become more engaged with that community, and a great opportunity for you to keep doing what you do so well.

    I can dream, anyway.

    Best wishes from a loyal listener,

    Zeb Snyder
    Towson, MD

  9. Marc,

    Whatever I can do, please let me know. I think that your purpose is bigger than WYPR. As this door closes, don’t lose sight of the one that is opening behind you.

  10. folks- great comments- like Ms. Allwine- I am an activist- I want to hear from you, Marc as to how best to proceed?-
    Do you want to get back on the station?- for I believe you have enough activists to do so- it would only be a matter of time-
    I have asked for my money back- the picketing is back and naturally the people responsible should go. Sponsors should be notified and could be boycotted. I don’t feel like a real explanation has been given Who are these people?
    Clearly they do not inow what they have done.
    Dave Eberhardt mozela9@surfglobal.net

  11. Marc,

    I just moved to Baltimore City in August and I have been so impressed by your show. You are covering things that are going on in Baltimore and in cities all over the country that I don’t hear on anywhere else, even on public radio. There’s a real, hard world out there and it seems like the station manager wants to have nothing but smiles and soft news on the radio. I can’t thank you enough for your service to this community. I’ve learned so much about this city from listening to your show!


  12. The Marc Steiner Show was a genuine democratic forum. The variety of views presented was extensive. Recent guests included Gov. O’Malley, Speaker Miller, Studs Turkel and Nelson Peery. Hardly a hidden political agenda. Callers could and did state their views without censorship or harassment. While Marc expressed his awareness of and sympathy for the impoverished, he made no requirement that callers or guests did. That some interpret this as a political program is a sad commentary on where we are at and how far we have to go. That the corporate-minded management had the authority to banish this forum is a dangerous attack on freedom of speech.

    We live in a dangerous time. Our ability to communicate and debate about what should be done is extremely important. Cancelling the Marc Steiner Show limits this ability It must be effectively protested. I do not know how to accomplish this but the demonstrations at WYPR at noon are a good start.

  13. Marc,

    We are going to miss the daily town hall meetings between 12 and 2 where real local issues get a real voice and real debate. I am looking forward to see where you will move onto next. Good luck and take care,


  14. Marc,
    I was not entirely surprised to hear the news. The minute I met Tony, I felt that his agenda was based entirely on the profit motive. I’d heard that he’d managed to reframe the not for profit public status of the station as a lucrative profit center. At least that’s how a prominent local media director saw it.
    I tend to agree, I have never heard a public radio station with so many advertorial bits… One day I hope someone gets to tell the story of how a local bank sponsoring Anirban Bassou’s bit, cancelled their sponsorship when he made some sympathetic reference to gays and lesbians. Now that’s what I call..”our commitment to providing our community with a voice or to addressing the most important and pressing issues that affect all of us on a local, statewide or national level.” What bullshit.

    Mr. Brandon i has done the station inestimable harm
    He has defiled public radio. I always used to feel guilty for listening to 88.5. Now I urge listeners to switch. It’s another viable public radiosource. Without the Republican agenda. Heaven knows they’ve done enough to destroy freedom of speech by infiltrating every other media outlet.

    I suspect your dedication to truly impartial reporting was somehow connected to your departure.

    Good luck. I will search for you on the internet. Conventional radio as we know it is dying anyway.

    I wish you luck. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know


  15. Marc,

    I am so disappointed at your show’s cancellation. When I used to listen to 88.5, your show was the reason I started listening to 88.1. Not that I don’t like Kojo (I’m a fan of his too), but your show kept me on the pulse on Baltimore, kept me aware of the city I live in. I really loved your interviewing style and most of all…your curiosity. I want to let you know that wherever you choose to go, I will be there to listen. Take care and hope to hear you on the air again…soon!



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