Meet the Bloggers

The Producers

  • “If you believe in destiny, seeing a ship bearing your last name on your first visit to the Inner Harbor might seem like an omen,” says Marcus Charleston, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications with a specialization in liberal arts/journalism from Rowan University in New Jersey. A native of Oneida, New York, his career as a public radio producer began at WHYY in Philadelphia. As a freelance writer his articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers like Baltimore, Wilmington (DE) News-Journal, Philly Health & Fitness, and Main Line Today.
  • Justin Eckland Levy was born on a small, as-of-yet unnamed Hawaiian island. After an idyllic childhood, he left to see the world, ending up in Baltimore just in time to see the Ravens win the 35th Superbowl. He took it as a sign to call this new city home, and worked a series of jobs that could best be described as “learning experiences” before coming to WYPR as an intern, eventually assuming his current role as producer for The Marc Steiner Show.
  • Jessica Phillips is from Ocean City, Maryland. Yes, people really are from there. She went to Kenyon College, a beautiful little bubble on top of a hill surrounded by miles of cornfields. Before joining the team at WYPR, she got her start at the Soundprint Media Center. She likes that if you find yourself in a Baltimore neighborhood you don’t like, usually walking just a block or two will put you somewhere totally different. Greg Minah is her favorite artist.

The Host

  • Marc Steiner has been hosting The Marc Steiner Show on WYPR for over 14 years. Advocating for social justice and spreading “light, not heat” are his missions in life. A passionate community spokesman, he has worked a variety of jobs and has served as an educator and social activist. During the tumultuous 60’s, Marc founded The Liberation News Service, The Washington Free Press, and The South Baltimore Voice. In the 70’s and 80’s, he served as a counselor for juvenile offenders in state prisons and worked with at-risk children and families, street gangs, and vocational high schools. After a brief career as a marketing consultant and political campaign organizer, he moved into producing radio commercials and industrial films for a large advertising agency.
    Marc’s love of the arts led him to found a theater program in the Maryland state prison system and the Family Circle Theater, a company of teenagers that produced original productions about adolescent issues. Steiner spent ten years on the faculty of Baltimore School for the Arts. He is the President of the Center for Emerging Media. He resides in Baltimore.
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